Scholarship Program

In the summer of 2007 your Board of Trustees, represented by Carleton Cleveland, President and Bernard Magdelain, Treasurer met with Chairpersons of the respective English Departments for Barnard College, Hunter College, and NYU. By letter agreement with each College we established the Robert Burns Literary prize in an amount of $1,000 to be awarded each year for five years to the student who writes "about Burns' poetry, on the wider influence of Burns on poetry, on his influence on the social situation of his time, or on the other poets who were influenced by Burns' philosophies".

 We have since awarded 8 prizes and we invite you to read copies of  entire past winning essays which are available at the bottom of this page.

We have enjoyed a great deal of success with these literary prizes and we would like/expect to continue them beyond the initial five year commitment.


Francis Gosper, Barnard College: Burns's Radical Particulars


Timothy Wilcox, Hunter College: Living Beings and Mental Entities in the Poetry of Robert Burns


Hanna Oldsman, Barnard College: "The savage and the tender": Subtlety and Sentimentality in the Poetry of Robert Burns

Clare Hurwitz, Hunter College: “Finding a Tongue”: Natural Language, Imprinting and Sublimity in John Clare’s The Shepherd’s Calendar

Matthew Margini, New York University: Dead Pets Society: Domestication and displacement in the animal memorials of Robert Burns


Elena Seplow, Barnard College: Strengths and Weakness in Burns' "To a Mouse" 

Ammon J. Ford, Hunter College: Ye Jovial Boys Who Love the Joys: An examination of the life, poetry and philosophy of the failed farmer and frequent fornicator Robert Burns


Megan Messinger, Barnard College: Robert Burns and The Politics of a Cultural Divide